Secretary of State Blinken, in Helskinki, Was Wrong About Everything

In welcoming Finland to NATO during a visit to Helsinki on June 2, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken gave a speech which confirms what a growing number of world leaders believe: his arrogance is matched only by his delusions. The latest in a line of geopoliticians from the Brzezinski school, Blinken seems to believe that those he is addressing have no idea of history, nor of his hypocrisy. He is seen as a true believer in a product no one wants, a “Rules-Based Order” (RBO), the rules for which have no universal basis, and serve to benefit only Mr. Blinken and those in the “Military-Industrial Complex” who send him out to peddle it.

The main thread of his Helsinki performance was that Vladimir Putin and Russia are failing. That, in itself, makes clear both how foolish, and how dangerous, he and his NATO allies are, in their efforts to turn the war against Russia into a permanent war, while pushing NATO’s “eastward expansion” to the Pacific, to create a second front against China.

Blinken spoke glowingly of the “strategic failure” of Putin’s “aggression” against Ukraine, claiming that “Russia is significantly worse off today than it was before its full-scale invasion of Ukraine — militarily, economically, geopolitically. Where Putin aimed to project strength, he’s revealed weakness. Where he sought to divide, he unified. What he tried to prevent, he precipitated.”

Serious military and intelligence officials have to wonder if he truly believes such nonsense. The general consensus of Pentagon officials, when speaking off the record, as shown in the recent publication of leaked classified documents, is that there is no way Ukraine and NATO can “win” the war against Russia, and the best case scenario they can project is tying down Russia in an endless conflict — which happens to be the stated aim of the U.S. Defense Secretary from Raytheon, Lloyd Austin. New economic reports show, however, that what they hoped would be a war of attrition that would wear down the Russian economy, has actually had the opposite effect, of making Russia stronger, while backfiring against the submissive governments of Europe.

Moreover, Russia has not been isolated, on the contrary. Most of the world does not support the sanctions against Russia, and is moving away from the collapsing financial system based on the dollar.

As for Tony Blinken’s claim that he is committed to peace, he argued back in Jan. 2019, in an article defending regime change in Syria, that “force can be a necessary adjunct to effective diplomacy”. That article, by the way, was coauthored with neocon war hawk Robert Kagan, the husband of Victoria Nuland…

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