Nitrogen Emissions: A Fake Crisis in Farming

While busy spreading fake news on the war in Ukraine, western media have almost completely blacked out the farmers’ revolt that has paralyzed the Netherlands in the last two weeks. The protest action is backed by the population as well as by farmers internationally, who are ready to take to the streets in their nations as well. Protests have already taken place in Spain and Poland, while Italian farmers, inspired by the Dutch mobilization, have taken actions in Southern Italy.

As we reported last week, the Dutch movement was triggered by the government’s decision to implement an EU guideline on reduction of the use of nitrogen fertilizers. The same bill was voted by the German upper house, the Bundesrat, last week, so that demonstrations are expected soon in Germany.

In an article published July 6 in the Telegraaf, Dutch scientist and Climate Intelligence (CLINTEL) founder Guus Berkhout endorsed the Dutch farmers’ protest and exposed the “nonsensical” government assault on nitrogen as part of the general barbarism of politics which is ruining the nation (article available here in English).

The Dutch agriculture sector “is seen worldwide as a textbook example of how to farm intensively in an increasingly sustainable way,” he wrote. But now, “our country has for many years been governed by ministers who no longer have a clue about their portfolio. Because of their incompetence they are an easy prey for militant groups and cunning lobbyists. As a result, rules and laws have been made that completely miss the point. Instead of solving problems, crises are created…. It seems as if every successful national activity must be destroyed, preferably before 2030.”

Berkhout points out that the Netherlands is a very small and a very densely populated country, bordering the North Sea, where space is at a premium, which makes it all the more important to use that space competently. In terms of the agriculture proposals, Berkhout blasts the current program: “And then there is this nonsensical nitrogen crisis. According to the Dutch green movement, the use of fertilizers by farmers is causing a disaster to adjacent natural areas. If farmers are no longer allowed to excel with high yields per hectare, extra land is needed for the same yield. But we just don’t have that extra land….

“CO₂ and NH3 are artificial crises constructed by climate and nitrogen alarmists who, with their pitch-black scenarios, have governments and parliaments in Europe in their power. However, the naïve administrators do not realize how essential the role of CO₂ and NH3 is in nature. Isn’t CO₂ the raw material for all life on earth and isn’t NH3 indispensable to ensure sufficient food in the future? Aren’t CO₂ and NH3 a blessing for humanity? It is beyond belief, but in addition to CO₂ and NH3 the green alarmists are now preparing a methane crisis. According to them, CH4 is the ultimate disaster for planet Earth…”

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