New LaRouche Organization Video on the Oasis Plan for the Middle East

The LaRouche Organization in the United States released a 14-minute video on Feb. 10 entitled The Oasis Plan –LaRouche’s Solution for the Middle East, which presents an illustrated update of the approach put forward by the late statesman Lyndon LaRouche in the 1970s. As LaRouche tirelessly stressed, bringing peace to the Middle East requires bringing economic development and eliminating the neocolonial architectures which have kept certain nations and peoples down for centuries.

Thus, the “Oasis Plan” calls for the construction of waterworks, power, transportation, agriculture, industry and social infrastructure across the whole region, as a configuration of development corridors and hubs integrated with North Africa and Southwest Asia, and connected to Europe. Had such an approach been implemented in September 1993, on the occasion of the signing of the Oslo Accords between Israel and Palestine, there would be no genocide and no world emergency to deplore today. But it was sabotaged by the anti-development London-Washington axis of geopolitics.

The 14-minute video is narrated by Jason Ross, spokesman and science liaison of the LaRouche Organization. He briefly situates the history, geopolitics and economic geography of the Palestine-Israel and greater region, and outlines, with maps and illustrations, the main elements of the projects needed and how to fund them, to ensure the “path for progress” and peace. Ross concludes by asking, “How about you? Will you act to give meaning to the lives of those who have perished? Will you be a voice for peace and development?”

The release of this new video for international circulation is profoundly fitting at this point, coming on the eve of the fifth anniversary of Mr. LaRouche’s death (Sept. 9, 1922-Feb. 12, 2019). His widow, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, stated Feb. 12 that the “best way to celebrate the life and contributions of Lyn, is to end the genocide in Gaza and use the new video as an instrument to intervene for peace.” The video presentation is now being dubbed into many languages.

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