NATO Plans Major War Provocation, as the Global South Prepares for Peace and Development

At the NATO Summit in Lithuania, on July 11-12, the trans-Atlantic powers plan to escalate the war against Russia, while simultaneously expanding the supposedly “North Atlantic” alliance into Asia. Although the failure of Ukraine’s much-heralded “counter-offensive” against Russia’s solid lines of defense, was totally foreseeable and is now universally recognized, there is still no attempt from those powers to press for negotiations and for an end to the killing. Instead, some kind of (NATO-approved) false-flag terrorist incident at the Zaporozhye nuclear plant is mooted, which would set off a “radiation scare” leading to NATO’s direct participation in the conflict. At the same time, the leaders of Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand will be attending the summit in Vilnius, to discuss how to challenge China’s rise by building Global NATO in the Indo-Pacific region.

But the rest of the world is no longer being intimidated by the former colonial powers. The Global South has clearly rejected NATO’s war mongering as well as the unacceptable conditions imposed in the name of climate change or financial stability, and is demanding real development. At the “Summit for a New Global Financial Pact” in Paris June 22-23, Western leaders wanted agreement on a global tax to raise $1 trillion to finance a reduction in carbon emissions (!), but the African leaders and others simply said no. Brazilian President Lula put it clearly: “If we don’t discuss this issue of inequality, and if we don’t give it as much priority as the climate issue, we can have a very good climate and people will continue to die of hunger in many countries of the world” (cf. SAS 26/23).

South African President Ramaphosa lectured French President Macron and other representatives of the trans-Atlantic system that if something more than empty promises were to come out of the conference, then the West should provide the infrastructure needed to bring electricity to the 600 million Africans who now have none (cf. below).

The Global South leaders are speaking out to a great extent because they know Europe and the United States are no longer the only alternative. The BRICS nations now represent a new pole in the world which, together with China’s Belt and Road Initiative, offers real development as well as friendship.

These are the issues that will be taken up at the Schiller Institute in-person European conference (“On the Verge of a New World War: European Nations Must Cooperate with the Global South!”), on July 8-9, for which an invitation was sent to our subscribers last week. We urge you all to attend.

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