Moves to Criminalize Opposition to NATO’s Policy in the West

The stunning admission made by German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock on Aug. 31 speaks volumes on the hypocrisy of EU leaders. In a speech in Prague, she said that she would continue to support Ukraine “no matter what my German voters think” and regardless of the hardships for them. Such a confession, we note, with the appropriate specificities, could have been made by any number of other Western leaders.

So much for the rhetoric about their “sacred” respect for democracy, or the need to wage war against “autocracies”. This confirms, as Ursula von der Leyen and Josep Borrell have made abundantly clear for the EU, that the policy is decided from above, and imposed “no matter what the citizens think”. (Just to be clear on the so-called support for Ukraine, this is actually a war of NATO against Russia, in which Ukrainians are tragically used as cannon fodder, as these leaders know.)

As Western economies continue to collapse and crushing austerity is officially on the agenda, attempts are already underway to brand those who participate in protest actions against government policies as “extremists”, “dangers for the democratic process” and “potential criminals”, and eventually to prohibit such actions. Politically motivated censureship on Facebook, youtube, Twitter and other social media has increased drastically, and is already accepted as a fait accompli by most citizens. U.S. President Biden even referred to his opposition, that is, the tens of millions of Americans who support Donald Trump, as “semi fascists” (cf. below).

Speaking of fascists, that brings us to another apparent paradox in Western policy. While those who oppose Global NATO’s narratives are hounded as extremists and enemies of democracy the United States and Europe have been openly supporting, arming and training neo-nazi forces in Ukraine, with the implicit argument that they are “anti-Russian”. To this day, the mainstream media and their journalists, with very few courageous exceptions, refuse to acknowledge the existence of such forces. What will happen when the “volunteer fighters”, indoctrinated into this fascist ideology, return home to the U.S. and the EU? At the same time, Western-sponsored organizations in Kiev draw up “hit lists” of Russian propagandists to be treated as terrorists (cf. coverage on this below).

As Helga Zepp-LaRouche points out in an article on the Sept. 8 centennial of Lyndon LaRouche, he had warned already back in the early 1970s that if the West opted for a purely monetarist financial system aimed at profit maximization, “the world would necessarily head toward a new depression, a new fascism, and the danger of a new world war”. Today, we are at that point. The solutions proposed by Lyndon LaRouche will be discussed at the upcoming Schiller Institute conference on Sept. 10-11.

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