Moves from Ibero-America and the Caribbean to Build New World Paradigm

It is telling that the recent series of three, consecutive Schiller Institute international conferences mobilizing against nuclear war grew out of an initiative of former and current congressmen and women from the region of the world which the Anglo-American powers believed was destined to forever live as “the backyard” of the United States. Under enormous economic and military pressure from the United States and Wall Street/London interests, in recent decades, leaders from Ibero-America and the Caribbean who were committed to developing their countries concentrated on building regional defenses, believing they did not have the power to change the international system.

No longer. At the end of the first, Oct. 7 seminar, the leaders participating from Mexico, Colombia, Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana insisted that they had to take responsibility for building an international force against the danger of nuclear war and the financial interests behind it. Then after the second one, held on Oct. 27, sitting Congressman Benjamín Robles Montoya and former Congresswoman María de los Ángeles Huerta, both from Mexico, issued an open letter to legislators from around the world, and to political and social leaders in every country, calling on them to join in organizing a movement of patriots and world citizens to stop the escalating danger.

By the Nov. 22 seminar, the speakers from Ibero-America included a former President of Guyana, two former cabinet ministers from Argentina and Ecuador known for their key roles in the fight for regional development, five former Congressmen from Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Trinidad and Tobago, Mexico’s sitting Congressman Robles, and a veteran journalist from Brazil’s fight for sovereign development. The power of the international alternative system coming together around the BRICS, the Belt and Road Initiative, and the “Spirit of Bandung” was high on everyone’s agenda.

The Anglo-American war party, well-aware that the region is turning to the new system, is fomenting civil war in various countries. Under the banner of defending “democracy” and “free trade” against Russia and China, a fascist-led, separatist movement in Santa Cruz has been unleashed in Bolivia, and a similar operation is being built up in Brazil around Bolsonaro supporters who oppose Lula da Silva’s election as President. The U.S. Conservative Political Action Coalition (CPAC) co-sponsored a confab in Mexico City Nov. 18-19, where leaders from similar movements from across the region joined Steve Bannon and leaders from Spain’s Vox party in mapping out how to unleash a continental “Conservative Revolution”.

The anti-imperial spirit of the continent is building, however. On Nov. 27, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador called a march in Mexico City in support of his government, and some 1.2 million people came from across the country. The President told the march that Mexico’s foreign policy is that of “non-intervention, self-determination, cooperation for development, and the peaceful solution of disputes; we act on the basis of the ideal of universal brotherhood.”

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