MI6 Announces Plan To Spy on Major Polluters, Starting with China

Richard Moore, the Chief of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), disclosed in an interview with Times Radio that MI6 agents are monitoring the world’s largest alleged polluters, particularly China, to ensure that they are honoring their international commitments regarding the environment. The “green spying” mission, he said, is due to the fact that MI6 views climate change as the “foremost international foreign policy item” for the United Kingdom and for the planet.

Why China? Because China is “certainly the largest emitter” of carbon. The MI6 super-spy further said that his agency aims “to shine a light in places where people might not want it shone…. Where people sign up to commitments on climate change, it is perhaps our job to make sure that what they are really doing reflects what they have signed up to.” Mr. Moore did not explain what retaliatory measures would be taken against the “climate sinners”, but knowing the sordid past and present of Her Majesty’s Secret Service, they are not hard to imagine…

The MI6 chief also took the occasion to slam the “reckless behaviour” of Russia.

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