LaRouche Organizer Roasts Editors of Major News Outlets

The video has gone viral, with well over 15 million views within just 48 hours. It shows the intervention of Jose Vega, a young activist of the LaRouche Organization, at an April 25 event in New York City titled “Building a Democratic Press”, where he exposed the hypocrisy of the world’s leading newspaper editors, four of whom were present on stage (from the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and Reuters).

“Is this the lecture hall with Seymour Hersh?”, Jose Vega stood up to shout ironically from the back of the room. “I’m looking for the one with Seymour Hersh, because it’s a policy and press hall event”. He blasted the executives present at this “free press event” for refusing to report truthfully on the expose by Hersh of the Biden Administration’s role in the Nord Stream sabotage.

“Is there anything you’ve gotten right in the last 20 years, or am I mistaken about that?”, he challenged them. “It’s just kind of funny, because Iraq, wrong; Syria, wrong; Russiagate, really wrong, OK? I mean, the list goes on and on.” He also mentioned their refusal to cover the plans to escalate of the Zelenskyy regime (acting at Washington’s bidding). And further, “While Julian Assange rots in prison, all of you’ve got fat checks, because he’s in jail for doing your job”, i.e., informing the public. And Tucker Carlson was fired from Fox, because “he did something you guys are scared to do — speak the truth and actually be critical of the war”.

“None of you have actually had any relevancy, and you know what? The mainstream press is now dying!… You have no credibility with the public. The only people who care about what you have to say are elite assholes, who have nothing productive to say anymore.” Needless to say, the executives declined to answer the questions raised by Jose Vega before he was brutally escorted from the hall.

The three minute video was re-tweeted by numerous other websites and organizations and is circulating with subtitles in Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, and Russian. See

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