LaRouche Movement Intervenes to Expose the War Party in the U.S.

The international Schiller Institute has launched a mobilization worldwide to demand an immediate ceasefire in South-West Asia, the end of forced migration from Gaza and the implementation of UN Resolution 242, as laid out in the petition of the International Peace Coalition (cf. SAS 43/23 for the full text, which can be signed here).

That petition has also been distributed by Schiller Institute activists outside the United Nations headquarters, including on the day the ceasefire resolution was passed (cf. above). The IPC is now planning demonstrations in various capitals in November, beginning with Washington.

In the United States, the LaRouche Organization has been organizing on university campuses, provoking very heated, but productive debates. The movement is also intervening at events of national and local politicians, challenging them to act now to stop the escalation to war on all fronts.

The most widely reported intervention was at a speaking event of Hillary Clinton at Columbia University on Oct. 23. One young activist of the LaRouche movement interrupted her well-rehearsed speech to ask her to distance herself from President Biden’s then-recent speech on the defense budget. “This is clearly a warmongering speech. President Joe Biden is calling for $100 billion of funding for Israel, Taiwan, and Ukraine, and we’re just supposed to bundle these together and rush to World War III…. ” After trying unsuccessfully to shout him down, Hillary Clinton aggressively answered: “I will not do that.”

Another activist then stood up and engaged in a several-minute debate with her on her defense of billions to fund wars, while she opposes China’s billions for development in their Belt and Road Initiative.

A video of the intervention has gone viral on Internet and in social media, while major news outlets have covered it, including the Daily Mail, Fox News, Newsweek, Sky News, Türkiye’s Anadolu Agency, New York Post, Yahoo News, Washington Examiner, HuffPost, and the Daily Caller, as well as dozens of other smaller channels and websites.

In addition, a polemical leaflet has just been issued by the campaign of Diane Sare, a LaRouche activist running as independent candidate for U.S. Senate from New York State, calling on all Americans to help her “change the direction of our nation now”, and return the United States “to the principles of our founding”.

To do that, she writes, “We must recognize two points. First, the trans-Atlantic financial system is finished. The former British-liberal-imperialist-monetarist system is thoroughly bankrupt, and no amount of QE or QT is going to fix it. Second, a group of nations, led by China and Russia, as grouped in various organizations such as the BRICS-Plus, the Belt and Road Initiative, and the Eurasian Economic Union have much more in common with the outlook of John Quincy Adams [American statesman 1767-1848] than the United States at any time in the last 50 years.”

The leaflet ends with the call for the convening of an international conference “to establish a new economic and security architecture which respects the sovereignty and right to development of each nation equally, while also taking into account the legitimate security concerns of each nation. If the United States returns to reason, this can be easily done. If the United States fails, I fear we are all doomed.”

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