Julian Assange and the Outrageous Double Standards of “Western Democracy”!

One real hero of democracy, on the contrary, is Julian Assange, who is facing a verdict of extradition to the United States in a British High Court as we are writing. Assange’s crime is to have done his job as a journalist, by publishing official information on Wikileaks exposing crimes committed by U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. For that, he has been indicted for espionage and faces up to 175 years of prison in the United States.

By the time our subscribers are reading this newsletter, he might already be on a flight to the U.S., where he will be locked up in a top security prison and must very seriously fear for his life. Note that Assange is an Australian citizen, and the crime he is charged with was committed on European soil Nonetheless, a British court may well extradite him to the United States, where the judicial system has long since been discredited.

What hypocrisy for Western leaders to be wringing their hands, sobbing, and lamenting the death of Navalny, while being accomplices of the persecution of Julian Assange! Asked about this by a member of Parliament, the German Foreign Ministry of Annalena Baerbock answered that they are fully confident that the British court will act in compliance with a state of law and human rights standards…

And what about the slaughter of thousands of children in Gaza? Western countries had the chance to join South Africa and other nations at the International Court of Justice, in the legal complaint for genocide against the Israeli government, and to demand justice for the Palestinian people. Instead, with very few exceptions, they defend the Netanyahu government and abet its war crimes.

As Brazilian President Lula correctly pointed out at the recent African Union summit, “either political leaders change their behavior towards human beings, or human beings will end up changing the political class”. A word to the wise…

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