Jacques Cheminade Announces Decision on the Presidential and Legislative Elections

The upcoming presidential elections in France, to be held on April 10, followed by a run-off between the top two candidates on April 24, are crucial for the future of not only France, but all of Europe and beyond. Emmanuel Macron is still the front-runner by a long shot, but in these tumultuous times and among growing social unrest, nothing is certain. However, none of the “major” candidates has a program to free France from the stronghold of the international financial oligarchy.

In this situation, Jacques Cheminade, the president of the Solidarité & Progrès party and former three-time Presidential candidate himself, explained in a Jan. 18 statement why S&P has decided this year to support the candidacy of Georges Kuzmanovic and his Sovereign Republic Party. We quote long excerpts of the statement:

I know that Georges Kuzmanovic will lead this fight with all the ardor and the rigor that he has shown during his political and professional activities.

We need a double impulse, with de Gaulle and with Jaurès. This coincidence is necessary in order to create the currents that will allow us to re-establish the sovereignty of France.

On three main points, we think it is very important to state where we want to go:

  • The first is against a globalized financial oligarchy, which today dominates the world’s affairs. Georges Kuzmanovic has made it clear that he intends to fight against it. This is an essential point for us.
  • Then there is the European Union, which has become a kind of relay of this financial globalization. Georges Kuzmanovic has clearly expressed his determination on this point, with respect to this false Europe. We are for a true Europe, a Europe of nations and against this false Europe.
  • Finally, it is also with regard to what constitutes NATO and those who are behind it. NATO has become a runaway train doped by fictitious money, and it is essential that Georges Kuzmanovic has proposed to leave the integrated command of NATO.

But it is also because of his positive project. It is first of all for the advanced technologies, and in particular for nuclear power because it is necessary to give an economic base to national sovereignty, and the densest forms of energy allow us to develop this base.

Related to the need to have a solid technological base, is the fact that the work of each person must be recognized and that each person must be able to live fairly from his or her work… We must create the conditions where everyone can exercise their creative powers…

We are patriots and citizens of the world, and we believe that this guarantees that we serve our country, which must be exemplary in the world.

We must regain control of all its elements in order to rebuild our republic. We consider that Georges Kuzmanovic is the candidate of human labor and of national sovereignty, which for us are one and the same thing.”

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