“Humanity for Peace” Rallies Launch Movement to Stop the Danger of Nuclear War

On Sunday Aug. 6, the 78th anniversary of the barbaric bombing of Hiroshima, dozens of parallel “Humanity for Peace” rallies across Europe, Ibero-America and the United States took place, led by a flagship rally in Dag Hammarskjold Plaza in front of the United Nations in New York City, demanding peace and a new international security architecture that protects the interests of all nations, large and small.

At the UN rally, some 20 speakers from numerous countries and of varied political affiliations spoke, all committed to the common cause of stopping the imminent danger of thermonuclear war and building a growing movement to forge a durable and just peace. The rally was co-moderated by Anastasia Battle of the Schiller Institute, and Irene Mavrakakis of Liberty Speaks.

The danger of nuclear war is growing by the day as the “Russia must be defeated” faction in London and Washington uses Ukraine to attack Russian soil. In the past days, connections between Crimea and the rest of Russia have been bombed using Western precision weapons. Moscow considers Crimea to be Russian territory, and the Russian leadership has repeatedly warned that it would deploy nuclear weapons if the integrity of the nation is threatened. A destroyed bridge is not yet a threshold, but if Vladimir Putin is put with his back against the wall, like Khrushchev in 1961, he has nobody in the White House to speak to.

The analogy with Khrushchev was drawn by presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr, in a video message to the Humanity for Peace rally at the UN. Two other presidential candidates spoke at the same event, Aaron Day (Republican), and Mike ter Maat (Libertarian), as well as LaRouche independent candidate for U.S. Senate from New York, Diane Sare. They were joined by the former President of Guyana Donald Ramotar; Haitian presidential candidate Jude Elie; and a number of prominent anti-war activists including Scott Ritter and the LaRouche movement’s Jose Vega.

The central message to the event came from Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche, the initiator and driving force of the Humanity for Peace process. She called on the people of the world to wake up to the danger of nuclear war. “Of the more than 12,000 existing nuclear weapons today, each of which are up to a thousand times more destructive than the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 3,800 are immediately deployable and nearly 2,000 are on ‘launch on warning’ status.

“If it comes to nuclear war, as there are politicians today who are recklessly considering the use of these weapons, not even one historian will be left to investigate how it could have come to this incomprehensible catastrophe. (…) We demand the immediate controlled destruction of all nuclear weapons. But even more profoundly, we demand the realization of a new global security and development architecture, which takes into account the security interests of all nations of the world, big ones and small ones. This architecture must overcome the formation of geopolitical blocs once and for all, and put the interest of the one humanity first. The precondition for this is a new just world economic order, which allows every nation and every human being to fully develop all of their innate potentials.

“Let us unite the peace movements all over the world with the nations of the Global South, for the realization of a new paradigm in the history of the human species! The new name for peace is development!”

Watch the video of the demonstration here.

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