How Political Discourse in the United States Is Controlled

As inflation continues to soar, driving food and fuel prices ever higher, as infrastructure crumbles and productivity declines, where are the political leaders who should be addressing these concerns? Poll after poll confirms that the number one issue for Americans is the economy, particularly the devastating effects of rising prices on living standards. The same polls show confidence in President Biden sinking to record low levels, and low ratings for the Congress in general.

Two factors explain why elected officials are avoiding this issue. First, they have no competent plan to combat inflation, much less try to provide a legitimate explanation for what causes it. Republicans blame Joe Biden and government deficit spending, ignoring that the biggest deficits in U.S. history before Biden were those of the last three Presidents — G.W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump. Republican Congressmen making this claim also ignore their own role in passing the budgets which they now say are the problem.

From the Democratic Party, Joe Biden and his allies blame Vladimir Putin and his “invasion” of Ukraine, deliberately ignoring that inflation began to hit long before February 24, 2022 – rising by over 7% during 2021. Calling the price hikes at the gas pump a “Putin tax” is laughable, though it is not at all funny!

The second reason is the polarization which dominates all political discussion. This is largely the result of sophisticated psychological profiling, which, under the broad definition of “identity politics”, divides citizens by race, ethnicity, religion, and “gender” affiliation into artificial “left/socialist” versus “right/conservative” groupings. With a fully compliant media, those who fund politics through corporate cartels and shape issues through “think tanks” and control over academic narratives, operating above the parties, are able to trigger sharp reactions on key, narrow “hot button issues”, while diverting attention away from serious issues.

For example, at present the media and most politicians are shaping the battle lines over the issues of abortion and gun rights, and the alleged “assault” on the Congress of January 6, 2021. They steer clear of addressing the real cause of inflation, which is the relationship between the Federal Reserve policy of producing huge volumes of liquidity for the largest banks, that pass it on to speculators, while cutting off credit to industry, agriculture and other sectors which engage in physical goods production, that is, to the real economy.

This is not surprising, given that those who benefit from the casino economy generously fund campaigns of both parties, and run slander attacks against any candidate who challenges that relationship between elected officials and their benefactors in finance, insurance and real estate. This is why Lyndon LaRouche, who denounced such corrupt practices, was attacked so viciously. It is also why those who are serious about addressing the need for a new financial architecture, are turning to LaRouche’s associates for answers on how to stop inflation in the U.S., and globally. Hence, the explosive potential of Diane Sare’s campaign for Senator of New York State (cf. SAS 23/22).

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