Global NATO Moves to Dictate Suppression of Free Speech and Deliberation

One after the other, Western “leaders” are telling their citizens that not only perpetual war to defend their “values,” but also fascist economic austerity, is the order of the day. So learn to live with it.

“We must be clear: the coming months will be difficult; the coming winters will be difficult; the next five to ten winters will be difficult,” Belgian Prime Minister Alexandre De Croo announced on Aug. 22. The very next day, electricity futures prices passed €400-600, with Germany the highest.

On Aug. 24, French President Emmanuel Macron advised his Cabinet ministers that the “age of abundance” has ended. Government and economy must be shaped to conform to the end “of endless cash flow” and “of an abundance of products and technology”, land and resources such as water, he told them. Living standards and human economic activity are to be sacrificed on the altar of Malthusianism and “climate change”.

Two days later, U.S. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell delivered the same message to the American people: Expect “pain,” and lots of it, on the pretext of “reducing inflation”, he said (cf. below).

Meanwhile in Germany, Green Economics Minister Robert Habeck seems to take a perverse pleasure in predicting how bad things will be in the coming months, if people don’t voluntarily cut consumption. And the list goes on…

Such policies of fascist austerity cannot be imposed “democratically,” and these leaders know it. Social ferment has only begun, but it will explode, despite the attempts to criminalize and repress protests. In that context, the would-be world government being assembled under Global NATO’s umbrella is issuing “hitlists” against prominent thinkers and policymakers, who refuse to repeat the “narrative” of war, austerity, and denigration of human beings. The freedom to deliberate and express one’s opinion without fear of reprisals is to be suppressed.

Schiller Institute chairwoman, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, who is high on Global NATO’s “list of enemies”, has called for the greatest worldwide mobilization ever to defeat such fascist policies. We must make the population at large aware of the significance of this monstrous attempt to impose fascist economic policies through hitlists, she told a planning meeting of associates of the LaRouche movement around the world on Aug. 29.

We have to find people, she said, who understand that we are in the “breakdown crisis” of a financial system that “has favored speculation over real production for decades”, and that, after the “trillions of dollars and euros” that have been pumped in since 2008, is now exploding in hyperinflation.

In such a situation, Helga Zepp-LaRouche warned, if it is de facto prohibited to discuss any alternative, such as a New Bretton Woods system, or solutions that would lead to the elimination of the reasons for the acute danger of world war, then “democracy is out the window”.

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