German Government Counts on Fake Protest Movement to Contain Farmers Mobilization

The mass protests and tractorcades by German farmers will continue as a daily pattern, until the government shows a real commitment to discuss constructive changes in agricultural policy, instead of playing them down. As earlier attempts by the government and mainstream media to discredit the farmers as right-wingers failed, another approach has been taken to try and undermine the impact of the tractorcades: creation of an artificial bogeyman which the population can rally against, to make them forget about their support to the farmers – which has been massive.

Thus, all of a sudden, in the past days, several hundred thousand citizens rallied against the Alternative for Germany party (AfD) in Germany’s major cities, calling for action to stop the party before it becomes even more popular and potentially takes power. The main motivation of these rallies, in addition to other real concerns, is a secret meeting between AfD members and right-wingers that took place on November 25 in a Potsdam hotel, which allegedly promoted the mass expulsion of millions of migrants from Germany. The “revelation” came as a result of an undercover operation, sloppily done as it produced no hard evidence, carried out by Correctiv, a notorious investigative network of former journalists of mainstream media which is funded by Soros’ Open Society, Deutsche Bank, and the German government’s Center for Political Education, and others, including several private foundations. The stories that Correctiv creates, such as the massive coverage over the past years of alleged Russian operations to take over Germany, are conveyed to the mainstream media which generally run them unchecked.

The obvious question which no one in those media raises, is why the Potsdam story, if it really involved a serious conspiracy against the German state, was not reported broadly for six entire weeks. It did not become a major news item until Jan. 10 — two days after 100,000 tractors had rolled into Berlin and nearly 100 other German cities as part of the powerful farmers’ protest. Since that time, the anti-AfD rallies have grabbed the news headlines, replacing coverage of the farmers’ legitimate demands.

In many places, the tractorcades have been joined by truck transport companies, which also organized their own days of action last week with more than 1,500 protesters and hundreds of trucks and other vehicles in Berlin Jan. 19. Again, media coverage of this has been minimal, although such actions are unprecedented in Germany.

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