G7, NATO: The Empire Fights Back – with Discredited Rules-Based Order

Cutting through all the platitudes in the flood of words served up by participants at the G7 summit in Cornwall, U.K., was a simple statement issued by the Chinese Embassy in London: “The days when global decisions were dictated by a small group of countries are long gone.”

This comment in particular shreds one of the conceits bandied about by members of the G7 “Club”, that this summit marked a return to “multilateralism,” highlighted by the return of the U.S. after the Trump interregnum. “The U.S. is back,” Biden enthused time and again, and the others agreed, referring to the fact that the G7, in the past had been able to shape the global agenda, based on U.S.military and economic power.

To put things in perspective: when the G7 was founded, back in 1975, the member countries represented 80% of the world’s GDP, but today, it’s just over 30%, according to Statista.com. In terms of population, the seven countries account for less than 10% of the world total.

The “seven dwarfs” (as Lyndon LaRouche called them) made a show of unity in Cornwall, but underneath the surface, some disagreements emerged, especially on how “tough” to be against China, as well as a recognition that the agenda pushed at the summit is unacceptable for many nations, starting with Russia and China, the two nations most targeted during this summit, and then subsequently at NATO headquarters. The demand that those nations nonetheless submit to this new order discredits their claim of commitment to “multilateralism.”

The proceedings of the G7 summit were shaped by the intelligence, security and diplomatic communities of London and Washington, in tandem with the think tanks and Non-Governmental Organizations financed by the same Military Industrial Complex making strategic decisions. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced months ago that the G7 would be the coming out party for “Global Britain”, a thinly-disguised new imperial order otherwise called the “Rules-Based Order”. The Biden team was not only fully in step, but has been claiming ownership of this concept, according to which the “liberal democracies” are defending “western values”, against the “autocrats” who reject them.

That is presumably the message that President Biden, strengthened by the support of his G7 allies, will deliver to Russian President Putin in Geneva on June 16 during their first summit meeting.

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