From von der Leyen to Draghi: The Push for a European Superstate

Faced with zero chances of Ursula von der Leyen being re-elected President of the European Commission next June, the European oligarchy is pushing Mario Draghi as her replacement. According to diplomatic sources in Brussels quoted by La Repubblica Dec. 8, French President Macron has already consulted Olaf Scholz on the matter.

Indeed, the conspiracy to put Draghi in began some time ago, as signaled by his comeback as head of a EU Commission (appointed by Mme von der Leyen) in charge of investigating unfair competition from China on e-cars. More recently, he profiled himself as de facto leader of the so-called Unionists, with a major speech in favor of accelerating the construction of a European superstate.

Mario Draghi, a former Goldman Sachs manager, former European Central Bank president and former Italian Prime Minister, stated on Nov. 29 that the EU is at a “critical moment”, and therefore must urgently become a state in its own right, to overcome the crisis. “Let us hope that those founding values that have united us, will keep us united… Today, the growth model has dissolved and we must reinvent a way of growing, but in order to do it, we must become a state.”

The “model,” which Draghi says “dissolved,” is the neocolonialism which is being challenged by the new paradigm of cooperation, favored by the BRICS and the Belt and Road Initiative. But far from accepting the demise of the old paradigm, Draghi dreams of upholding it through a war economy and a dictatorial form of government. In fact, he puts rearmament and so called climate policies at the top of the priorities of his European state: “We, as Europe, are spending three to five times more than Russia and we are the second investor in military expenses after the United States. It is therefore a question of better coordination.

“Now, the most important thing is to understand how to create European funds to finance defense and fight against climate change. We also need a coordinated foreign policy, because Foreign Ministers meet but reach no agreement. We must think about a better political integration, about a real Parliament of Europe.” (By the way, Draghi made those remarks while presenting a book on the Roman Empire by journalist Aldo Cazzullo titled When We Were Masters of the World.)

If Macron’s coup is successful, someone possibly more dangerous than von der Leyen will succeed her. Remember that it was Draghi who had convinced U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen to steal Russian central bank dollar reserves. However, that chapter has not yet been written. The so-called “Ursula majority”, a left-liberal-conservative coalition, has already collapsed in recent European Parliament deliberations on key aspects of her Green Deal policy (cf. SAS 48, 49/23). The next European Parliament might see a shift into a new power alignment.

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