Farmers Protest in EU Is Becoming A Mass Strike

As the boomerang effect of the sanctions on Russia starts to be felt in Europe, adding to the hyperinflation of commodity prices in household bills, the mood of the European population is rapidly shifting from a gung-ho endorsement of the anti-Russia policy to a real revolt against the established elites. This is most visible in the mass strike which has paralyzed the Netherlands, and is spreading throughout Europe not only among farmers, but in other productive categories as well (cf. SAS 27, 28/22).

The Dutch farmers’ protest began as a revolt against the attempt to destroy agriculture under the EU guidelines to reduce nitrogen fertilizers, to become a general upsurge of the population against the government. Truckers, firemen and normal citizens have joined in, with daily demonstrations blocking inner cities and highway traffic. Groups of German farmers have crossed the border to take part in the actions, while others have taken to the streets of several German cities.

In Italy, farmers demonstrated in Calabria at the end of July and in Brescia and Milan on July 14. While in Calabria the protest focused on the high fuel and fertilizer prices that make production impossible, dairy farmers in Brescia and Milan are up in arms over the illegal fines on overproduction of milk.

Farmer protests, although barely covered by mainstream media, are also taking place in Poland, Spain and in many parts of the world.

Beyond their focus on immediate specific demands, all these demonstrations denounced financial speculation as the driver behind the destruction of agriculture, as well as the political class that defends the interests of the speculators. One tractor sign seen in Germany reads: “We think of generations, not of election cycles!” and another, “No Farmers, No Food, No Future!”

Canadian truckers have posted a video entitled “The World Is Going Dutch” in support of the farmers’ protests and announced a day of action for July 23. The video has the theme of non-violent action, with audio excerpts from Martin Luther King, Jr., against a backdrop of photos from current demonstrations of farmers, fishermen, truckers and others mingled with past scenes from the 20th century.

The farmers’ protest gives a foretaste of what can be expected in Autumn, when the full force of consumer price inflation hits households, and the corrupt European elites attempt to enforce energy rationing.

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