Defuse the Threat of Nuclear Annihilation – It Can Be Done

On Oct. 23, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu took the highly unusual step of calling his counterparts in the United Kingdom, France, Turkey and the United States, to discuss the rapidly deteriorating conflict in Ukraine. He warned in particular of Kiev’s possible involvement in a provocation with the use of a dirty bomb, which would then be blamed on Russia. A “dirty bomb” is a conventional device rigged with nuclear material which would spread radiation over a wide area.

Shoigu’s extraordinary warnings were dismissed offhand by the leaders of the US, the UK and France. Ukraine’s President Zelensky responded on profile by accusing Moscow, if anyone, of planning the use of nuclear weapons. The same line was faithfully repeated in the mainstream media here.

Nonetheless, more information on the possible provocation was given on Oct. 24 by the commander of Russia’s nuclear, biological and chemical protection troops, Lt. Gen. Igor Kirillov, directly implicating the United Kingdom. “According to the available information”, he said, “two organizations of Ukraine have been directly ordered to create the so-called ‘dirty bomb.’” In addition, “we have information about contacts between the Office of the President of Ukraine and representatives of the United Kingdom regarding the possible reception of technologies to create nuclear weapons.”

The detonation of such a devise would be camouflaged in such a way as to accuse the Russian forces of using a tactical nuclear weapon in Ukraine. From then on, an unstoppable escalation pitting all of NATO against Russia could occur.

While Western leaders pooh-pooh such warnings in public, they may be more sensitive to the growing protest movements emerging among their own populations. In the United States, opposition to financing the war against Russia is growing, and could play a role in the results of the Nov. 8 mid-term elections.Indeed, the leader of the Republicans in the House, Kevin McCarthy, stated on Oct. 18, that if his party wins the majority in November, they are not going to continue writing a “blank check” to Ukraine.

Many European countries are hit with strikes and demonstrations against the soaring cost of living, in particular the increasingly unaffordable prices of energy and food. These, in turn, are directly linked to the sanctions imposed on Russia, in addition to the EU’s insane “Green Deal” and “energy transitions”.

Even Germany, in particular in the Eastern states, is rocked by protests unprecedented in the past 30 years (cf. SAS 41,42/22), demanding social justice and an end to war. One example of another kind of action to be taken comes from the city of Stralsund, on the Baltic coast. There, all the parties, from left to right, together with a citizens alliance called “Citizens for Stralsund,” have signed on to an initiative offering their city of 60,000 inhabitants as the site for Ukraine peace talks. Stralsund wants to help bring the “warring parties to the negotiating table” at last, they assert.

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