Davos Billionaires and Their Lackeys Just Can’t Inspire Trust

The annual meeting of the World Economic Forum that took place on January 15-19 proceeded along the usual lines: a public circus to provide fodder for media headlines and pictures, and a non public level of discussions to deliberate on actions in the interest of the WEF “stakeholders”, i.e., the billionaire elite running the global financial system.

On the public side were the performances of U.S. Secretary of State Tony Blinken, of the inescapable Volodymir Zelenskyy, of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and a number of others. While American credibility collapses globally, as reflected in the recent UN votes on Gaza, Blinken claimed that the world is begging for US leadership: “I’m hearing from virtually every country: They want the United States. They want us present, they want us at the table, they want us leading.” Stoltenberg performed his assigned task of attacking Beijing, claiming that China’s presence in Africa is a threat to the security of NATO. Zelenskyy presented a “peace proposal” in front of representatives of 88 nations, containing what he knows are unreachable conditions: withdrawal of Russian troops to the 1991 borders, making Russia pay reparations and prosecution of Russian war crimes. Not only do such conditions show that Kiev is not serious, but as every Western diplomat well knows, should Russia withdraw from the Donbass, Kyiv nationalists would wipe out the Russian population there.

As to the hidden agenda, one gets a glimpse of what the authors of the “Great Reset” strategy are concocting by reading between the lines of the agenda of the meeting. The motto this year was “Rebuilding Trust” — which they would certainly need to do, given the growing revolt against their projects throughout the world. To quote one investigative journalist, they intend to “find ways to censor and silence anyone who disagrees with us”. Not surprisingly, according to Italian media expert Alberto Contri, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen herself has set out to to address the problems of disinformation and polarization.

That explains why mainstream media have massively censored the revolt of German farmers, and continue to black out their revolts in other European countries. As Contri pointed out, they are afraid that such actions could bring down NATO governments, starting with the Scholz coalition in Berlin.

So, with the help of the media, the Davos elite renewed the commitment to implement their policy: confrontation with Russia and China, rearmament, financial bailouts, and Green transition-driven deindustrialization. If this is causing economic collapse, you will be told that it’s inevitable, as ECB head Christine Lagarde and German Finance Minister Christian Lindner said. Speaking at a panel event on the final day of the Forum, Lagarde noted that many countries – including those in the EU – have begun to prioritize “security” over “efficiency” in their trade relations, which could cause “costs to be higher in the long term”. As for Lindner, he declared that this, i.e. higher costs for security purposes, is “a new normal which we have to be prepared for”.

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