Colonel Richard Black: “Disinformation Boards Are Instruments of Tyranny”

In an interview given to EIR on Aug. 23, Colonel Richard Black, who is well known to our readers, was asked about the Ukrainian Center for Countering Disinformation (CCD) and its blacklist, which he is on, together with members and allies of the Schiller Institute. He addressed the issue by discussing the Biden Administration’s Disinformation Governance Board (cf. above), first set up under the direction of Nina Jankowitz, whom he described as “a rather bizarre, young, narcissistic woman with an extensive background of working within the Ukrainian system and informing those people about how to control so-called disinformation.” (The Board was officially shut down the day after Col. Black’s EIR interview was posted – cf. above item.) He mentioned how Jankowitz said she “feared” that Elon Musk would lift the censorship at Twitter: “She just doesn’t know how the world would deal with the truth. You know, the truth is quite a danger.”

Disinformation boards, in his view, “are not instruments of the people. They’re not instruments of liberty and freedom. They are instruments of tyranny.”

Col. Black noted that the Schiller Institute was particularly targeted on the CCD list, because “the Schiller Institute and the Executive Intelligence Review publish highly accurate, very balanced foreign policy assessments, and also raw intelligence from which people can simply look and see what the media from all different nations are saying.”

On the physical threat from being on the list, he noted that he had been targetted by ISIS because of his exposure of U.S. support for the Islamic State in Syria, but added that “the hit list published by the Ukrainian government is probably a more deadly hit list,” noting the assassination of Darya Dugina.

Concerning Diane Sare’s presence on the list, he said: “She is an amazingly bright, informed, articulate, appealing candidate. I can’t imagine anyone being a better representative of the American people than Diane Sare. She would certainly have my vote if I were in New York.”

Turning to the war in Ukraine, he said, “I hate to see these young Ukrainian men being slaughtered; they’re just being used as cannon fodder” to get at the Russians and to allow the West to “achieve certain political gains, and sell weapons and so forth”. While the effort to destroy Russia has failed, Washington has “thrown Europe under the bus, because they depend on the Russian gas, oil, commodities”.

He described the U.S. military leadership as far worse than incompetent, and as having flatly refused at the time to follow President Trump’s orders to end the endless wars. As for today, he described the spectacular raid on Trump’s home as “absolutely outrageous” and “an election year stunt”, designed by the Democrats to prevent Trump from running again.

Col. Black said that the U.S. engaged in wars all over the world, and many are not even known about by the American people. He said the military should get out of these wars, and should be fighting the drug cartels who are killing over 100,000 Americans every year.

The video and transcript of Col. Black’s interview are posted here.

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