Climate Change: Science or an Act of Faith?

The new Apostolic Exhortation Laudate Deum is not only an assault on science, it also threatens to undermine the credibility of the Vatican just as it is conducting efforts to arrange peace negotiations over Ukraine. The paper was published on Oct. 4, St. Francis’ Day, and presented as a continuation of the Laudato sì Encyclical written by Commander of the British Empire and malthusian ideologist John Schellnhuber. Although formally exposing the exploitation of poor countries by neocolonial powers, the new exhortation presents the so-called climate emergency as if it were a religious dogma, and calls for drastic acceleration of de-carbonization to be imposed at the coming COP28 conference with binding measures.

It goes further by pillorying scientists who criticize the climate catastrophe line, calling them climate “deniers” and “a minority”, as if scientific truth were a matter of consensual opinions. The document clearly targets, without naming any names, the Clintel (Climate Intelligence) group which issued the statement “There is No Climate Emergency” signed by over 1800 scholars worldwide, which does not deny climate change, but says it is not due to human activity (cf. SAS 32/23).

By endorsing the climate emergency fraud and related Green Deal policies, the Vatican has endorsed the very center of evil promoting what Pope Francis himself called “A Piecemeal World War“. The Pope and his collaborators have correctly understood that the war in Ukraine is part of such a World War led by the trans-Atlantic block against the Global South. Therefore it is not understandable, and certainly not justifiable, that they endorse the policies pursued by Global NATO to economically destroy its perceived enemies. Banning fossil energy sources condemns countries of the Global South to a perennial state of poverty, and threatens emerging ones with deindustrialization. More specifically, it aims at containing China and India, the world’s largest users of fossil sources.

On Oct. 5, the Vatican hosted what Prof. Franco Battaglia called “a curious pagan event”, i.e., a press conference to present Laudate Deum. The speakers, introduced as “climate experts”, included German Fridays for Future activist Luisa Neubauer, “Slow Food” inventor Carlo Petrini, Sri Lanka scourge Vandana Shiva and others. The only real “scientist” was Nobel Prize winner Giorgio Parisi who, as Battaglia recalled in his article for La Verità, had publicly stated he was no climate expert when asked to join an advisory board on climate.

As Battaglia ironically commented: “Climate emergency is no act of Faith; it has nothing to do with Faith, as it does not even exist. There is no climate emergency.” Battaglia, former professor of Physical Chemistry at Modena University, is Italian ambassador for the International Clintel association. His comprehensive refutation of the content of Laudate Deum will be published in the Oct. 13 issue of EIR weekly magazine, which you can purchase here.

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