Climate Change Is Good for King Charles’ Finances

King Charles III is making a dual killing on the “climate change” hoax: in financial profits from the monetary inflation it is causing, and in the people it is eliminating from the planet. As for the first, the Royal Family could be awarded £111 million from the wind farms built on the Crown Estate, a “windfall” profit of almost £24 million.

The Crown Estate comprises, among other properties, the entire seabed surrounding England, where companies have been purchasing leases for the establishment of wind farms, in compliance with the Great Reset. While the Crown Estate was historically the private property of the monarchy, that right was withdrawn decades ago, in return for a government appropriation for the support of the Royal Family. That decision, in turn, was reversed, and the Crown now receives a cool 25% of the annual Crown Estates profits, instead of a parliamentarian-approved appropriation. (This mega-scam was exposed in EIR in 2021 (Queen Making ‘Windfall’ of Billions from Green Genocide.)

Between the manipulated increase in energy prices, and the sale of offshore leases for wind farms, Crown Estate profits increased to £443 million in 2022, up by 25%. The question now is, will 25% of this windfall be handed over to King Charles, increasing his take from £86 to £111 million, or will it go to the Treasury? Although Charles himself had earlier indicated that the windfall should go to the “public good”, it has not been specified whether that means to the Treasury, or to one of his “green” pet projects.

Molly Scott Cato, a professor of green economics at Roehampton University and a former Green MEP, said the King should waive his rights to the sovereign grant entirely. “After a year when so many have struggledg to pay rocketing energy bills, questions will surely be asked about whether the King should take the 25% of the profit he is legally entitled to,” she said. “He was widely praised when, in January, he made the decision to transfer his share to be spent for the wider public good. I would hope that he repeats this decision at this time of crisis for so many of his subjects.”

The decision on how much profit Charles will pocket will not be made official until the end of this year.

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