Christian Democratic Party of Peru States Its Adherence to the Schiller Institute

On the occasion of the celebration of the 66th anniversary of the founding and relaunching of the Christian Democratic Party (PDC) of Peru, the party held a national assembly in Lima on Jan. 22-23, during which it was announced that the party was officially adhering to the international Schiller Institute.

The opening speech was delivered by Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche, whose in-depth strategic evaluation was crowned with a very hopeful and optimistic view of the future, provided the program for worldwide economic recovery (the “Four Laws”) proposed by her late husband Lyndon LaRouche can be implemented.

On Jan. 23, at the internal party meeting, PDC President Carlos Gallardo explained that his party adhered to the Schiller Institute in light of their profound epistemological and programmatic coincidence and announced a series of classes to be held, with the aid of Schiller Institute teachers, on LaRouche’s economics. In a letter to the Institute issued the same day, he noted that “in order to accelerate our goal of making politics an educational process for our nation and thereby return to the true meaning of political activity — that is, the quest for the common good — our Party will begin a seminar on the Christian Science of Physical Economy, an approach that the late great thinker Lyndon LaRouche so brilliantly synthesized and which will be the indispensable basis for the formulation of our economic and political program for our Peru.”

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