China’s Proposal for Negotiations on Ukraine Offers a Lifeline

The subject of the previous item was taken up by Helga Zepp-LaRouche in an overview article written March 4, under the title “World War Three or Peace? Support China’s Peace Plan”. The analysis begins: “No, not sleepwalking, but rather with eyes wide open, and without reason, backbone or conscience, the trans-Atlantic Establishment is pushing us to the cliff, beyond which a thermonuclear hell is lurking, that threatens to annihilate all life on this planet. The 12-point program for a diplomatic solution to the strategic crisis between NATO and Russia released by China on Feb. 24, represents a possible last-minute lifeline to save us from jumping off (cf. SAS 09/23).

“Although it was rejected out of hand by President Biden and the EU Commission, it has been increasingly supported for good reason by nations of the Global South, and consequently by most of humanity. It definitely needs to become an integral focus of all those forces worldwide that, in this time of existential threat for humanity, are committed to a diplomatic solution to the Ukraine conflict. It also represents a concrete option around which to orient the offer of Pope Francis to use the Vatican as a venue for peace negotiations.”

Helga Zepp-LaRouche goes on to point out that the goal of the United States and NATO is exactly the opposite, namely to “restore a unipolar world in which China would never be allowed to play the role of a broker for peace”. Nonetheless, support is growing for the plan, which provides for “respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries, abandoning the Cold War mentality, ending hostilities, ending sanctions against Russia, and proposing concrete steps on how to overcome the crisis diplomatically…. The near-hysterical reactions of the mainstream media and the Atlanticists to this proposal prove once again that ideological eyeglasses cause blindness.”

The article can be read in full, and in English translation, here.

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