CGTN and Schiller Institute Co-Host Show on China-Europe Ties

Under the title “Exploring New Heights”, CGTN Think Tank and the Schiller Institute sponsored an exciting panel discussion on March 1. Co-hosts were Helga Zepp-LaRouche, chair of the SI, and Guan Xin, a CGTN anchorwoman. The two guests in Europe with Mrs. Zepp-LaRouche were Uwe Behrens, transport economist; and Wolfram Adolphi, journalist and political scientist, while five guests joined Guan Xin online: Michele Geraci, former Undersecretary of State of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development; Bernard Dewit, chairman Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce; Jacques Cheminade, President of the Solidarité et Progrès party in France; Zhou Jinzhu, director, International Trade Research Department, CCPIT Academy; Cui Hongjian, fellow, China Institute of International Studies.

We encourage our readers to watch the video of the one hour discussion, in English, here.

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