Call for a Holiday Truce for All

A group of political and social leaders from around the world issued an open letter to Pope Francis on Dec. 19, supporting his offer to use the venue of the Vatican for immediate negotiations between Russia and Ukraine for a diplomatic settlement of the war. Coming off an organizing process among current and former legislators that was initiated two months ago by the Schiller Institute, the open letter is part of a growing chorus of voices internationally urging an immediate ceasefire and a Christmas Truce for all, as a first step towards a full, negotiated peace.

The letter states that “we welcome Your Holiness’s offer of the Vatican as a possible neutral ground for peace talks — without any preconditions — between Russia and Ukraine…. We note that others in Europe and the United States have also offered venues for the Russian and Ukrainian leadership to negotiate peace. We believe it is urgent to unify all such efforts into a globe-spanning movement to bring resolution to this conflict, taking into consideration the valid security interests of all parties.” The signers call on “other political and social leaders around the world, regardless of differences in ideology or religious faith,” to join that effort.

We published in our previous issue the appeal issued by Helga Zepp-LaRouche on Dec. 12, on behalf of the Schiller Institute (SI), which is circulating internationally, in many languages, in which she supports the Vatican’s initiative, reiterated by Cardinal Parolin. The urgent need of initiating peace talks was also the subject of a SI online symposium held on Dec. 17, with journalist Eva Bartlett, analyst Garland Nixon, Colonel Richard Black (ret.), VIPS co-founder Ray McGovern, nuclear war specialist Steven Starr, Helga Zepp-LaRouche and Harley Schlanger, who presented various aspects of the crisis.

Zepp-LaRouche stressed, in particular, that despite the opinion one may have of Pope Francis or of the positions of the Catholic Church, every initiative for mediation should be supported. She urged everyone to mobilize now – in whatever ways and wherever they can – to stop the “war party”. Optimally, they should join the SI’s campaign in a worldwide chorus singing, Dona nobis pacem (Grant us peace) and distribute the Christmas leaflet at (pdf format).

Season’s Greetings: We extend our best wishes to our readers for the holiday period. Your first issue in the new year will be dated January, 5, 2023.

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