Berlin Prepares A Green Dictatorship

If there were such a thing as a “lemming award for economics”, it would definitely go to Germany, which with its obsession to walk out of coal and nuclear (decided long before the Ukraine War) and more recently out of Russian gas and crude oil, is headed for an energy supply abbys. On June 22, German Economics Minister Robert Habeck declared level two of an energy alert, which is the last step before a drastic rationing is implemented. Energy rationing would be the desperate attempt to cope with a situation which most EU member countries have themselves created, with their suicidal sanctions against Russia.

The already critical situation will be worsened by what everyone believes will be the next step: a complete stop of Russian gas deliveries to the EU. The deadline for this is July 10, when Gazprom had already announced, maintenance works are to be carried out as usual on Nord Stream 1. Such a move would cause a complete economic breakdown and social-political destabilization.

Drastic rationing for private households, under the slogan “Freeze for Freedom”, is being prepared by a massive campaign in the mainstream media to instruct the population on how to live with the heat turned down by 5-6 degrees during the winter.

The head of the German Network Authority, an agency under the Economics Ministry, warned that gas bills for heating households might double or triple in the coming days. “The gas price increases of last fall have already been passed on,” Klaus Müller told ARD TV’s Morgenmagazin. Since then, the gas price had quadrupled as of last week, and has even increased sixfold in the meantime. So “a doubling or tripling” for consumers is possible.

Speaking at the German Industry 2022 conference, Habeck warned that the German economy is threatened with an “energy Lehman”. “There is a threat of the collapse of the entire market, in other words, of a Lehman Brothers effect in the energy system,” he said. “At some point, the utilities will no longer supply the municipal utilities, the municipal utilities will no longer supply the customers downstream, and then you can imagine what will happen in Germany.”

But instead of reversing their suicidal course, the German government is preparing to implement a Green dictatorship.

Nonetheless, the dark clouds on the energy horizon have prompted at least some Germans to publicly call for a suspension of the scheduled exit from nuclear power, perhaps by several months, one year or even more. Pro-nuclear statements have come from the liberal FDP, a partner in the three-party coalition government in Berlin, and if they decide to make a priority issue, either Habeck and the Greens would have to make concessions, or the coalition would collapse. A decision to maintain the nuclear plants would have the backing of at least 60% of the German population, according to the most recent opinon polls. But were the government to take into account the opinion of the citizens, it would mean a real revolution in the German political system…

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