At Davos, the Ominous Symbosis between Global NATO and Finances

The linkage between NATO’s permanent war strategy and its role in enforcing global austerity, as the “unipolar order” is facing its most profound crisis, was made explicit at last week’s World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos. In fact, it was stated directly by Canada’s Deputy PM and Finance Minister, Chrystia Freeland, who also serves on the Board of Trustees of the WEF. In her speech during a round table discussion at Davos, Freeland said that winning the war against Russia in Ukraine would be a “huge boost for the world economy”.

In supporting the calls of Ukrainian officials at Davos for maximum commitment from NATO countries to provide more offensive lethal weapon systems to Ukraine, she said this “is not about doing Ukraine a favor”. Rather, “supplying Ukraine with weapons and money to win the war is in our own self-interest”. She added that while there are many things Finance Ministers cannot successfully address, such as COVID, global supply chains, inflation (!), “we can help Ukraine win”, and if we do, it would be “a huge boost to the global economy”.

That is, the war buildup not only benefits NATO’s “Military-Industrial Complex”, providing a “reflationary impulse” according to one commentator, but will also knock out the leading opponent of the dominant unipolar “petro-dollar” order, i.e., Russia.

What Freeland neglected to tell her fellow Davosians, though many already knew it, is that her Russophobia long pre-dates the present Russia-NATO conflict over Ukraine. She is not only of Ukrainian origin, but the descendant of a Ukrainian Nazi collaborator. During World War II, her maternal grandfather, Michael Chomiak, was editor-in-chief of the newspaper, Krakivski Visti, working directly under Nazi propagandist Emil Gassner, an assistant to Joseph Goebbels. Under his direction, editorials appeared calling for pogroms against the Jewish population, which led to massacres of Jews and other “non-Ukrainians” by the ultra-nationalists. For example, in the Nov. 6, 1941 issue, the paper praised the results of the onslaught against the Jews: “There is not a single one left in Kiev today, while there were 350,000 under the Bolsheviks”. Chomiak’s paper said of the Babi Yar massacre that Kiev’s Jews got their “comeuppance.” The editorial call-to-arms was taken to heart by the Bandera “ultra-nationalists”, the Ukrainian Nazi forerunners of today’s Azov Battalion and other thugs in the Ukrainian defense and security forces – whom Freeland wants to fortify with virtually unlimited arms.

For years, as Chrystia Freeland was rising in Canadian politics, she denied her grandfather had such an explicit Nazi connection. However, an article in March 2017 in the Globe and Mail of Toronto stripped away her cover story, by reporting on an article by her uncle, which she helped edit, which revealed Chomiak had been a Nazi propagandist.

Given the dominance in the NATO hierarchy of the present-day defenders of the Nazis in Ukraine, it is not so shocking that Freeland’s name has surfaced as a leading candidate to replace NATO’s present Secretary General Stoltenberg when he steps down.

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