An Independent LaRouche Candidate Accomplishes the “Impossible” in New York State

In a development that shocked the jaded political pros of New York state politics, Diane Sare, a long-time associate of Lyndon LaRouche, filed 45,000 petition signatures to be placed on the ballot to run against incumbent Senator Charles Schumer in the November general election. A challenge that most had considered impossible to overcome.

Indeed, in the past, the state required gathering 15,000 valid signatures of New York State voters to be placed on the ballot. Yet this year, despite all the nonsense spewed about “American democracy”, the law was changed to 45,000 signatures, an onerous burden designed to eliminate campaigns for anyone outside the two corrupt and controlled parties in the state.

To overcome this effort to restrict ballot access, Sare mobilized thousands of LaRouche supporters to join the mobilization and collect signatures to allow her to run. Her message was clear: adopt a new strategic and financial architecture and take power out of the hands of the Wall Street neoliberals and war hawks responsible for the accelerating economic collapse and the war drive against Russia and China, which Senator Schumer represents.

Sare has been receiving invitations to address numerous civic and political organizations, while her filing has generated an excited buzz, as it portends a break from “politics as usual,” and a serious challenge to the Great Reset and the Green New Deal which are championed by Schumer. Here website is here.

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