A Wake-up Call at 90 Seconds to Midnight

The priority of the moment is to mobilize all possible forces to stop the danger of an escalation of the conflict between Russia and NATO into a third world war, as the Doomsday Clock puts us at 90 seconds to Armageddon. Concomitantly, comes the necessity of eliminating the reasons for the war drive against both Russia and China, namely the collapse of the Western “rules-based order”, otherwise called the “unipolar world”.

Such was the theme of the deliberations at the Schiller Institute online conference of Feb. 4. As Helga Zepp-LaRouche pointed out in her keynote address, the aim of this event and of many other activities of the SI is “to create a world movement of world citizens, who, faced with the biggest crisis in the history of the human species, work together all over the world in order to establish a new paradigm of cooperation instead of confrontation, a new paradigm in international relations, that allows for the life and happiness of every human being on the planet.

“We must end the war through negotiations immediately, which is why we are organizing worldwide support for the initiative of Pope Francis to offer the venue of the Vatican for negotiations without preconditions. Fortunately, President Lula of Brazil is now forming a peace club of nations of the Global South, who all support the idea of ending the war through diplomacy, and who have clearly refused to be pulled into the geopolitical confrontation between the U.S. and Russia and China (cf. below)….

“The present crisis is not about Ukraine, it is about the attempt to reconquer control over a unipolar world at a moment, when that possibility has irrevocably vanished. And it is about the control of the narrative of who is the instigator of this war of aggression. Naturally, the Western mainstream media want us to believe that Russia is the sole culprit in this ‘unprovoked war of aggression’ and everybody who claims that this war has a prehistory dating back at least to 1991, is automatically labeled a ‘Putin-agent’. Every person who is not a moron and has lived consciously through the last three-plus decades, must reject this as an insult to his or her intelligence.”

This crisis has accelerated the moves in the non-Western world to come together and demand a new security and economic development architecture, as was confirmed by the speakers at the conference from Ibero-America, Asia and Africa, including former President of Guyana Donald Ramotar. (The interventions on Africa will be reported next week.)

In the United States and Europe, popular opposition to the war is also growing, although far too slowly, while more and more former military and intelligence figures, including in the U.S., are demanding that their governments recognize the failure of NATO’s war games and opt for immediate diplomatic negotiations (cf. SAS 4, 5/23).

Please go to the Schiller Institute websites to watch the proceedings of the conference (https://schillerinstitute.com/blog/2023/02/03). A selection of the speeches will also be published in the upcoming editions of Executive Intelligence Review (https://larouchepub.com/). A complete list of speakers is available on the same websites.

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