A New Phase of the Coup Has Begun in the United States

The events on Capital Hill in Washington on January 6 were immediately presented by the leadership of the Democratic Party and the mainstream media as an insurrection against the United States government incited by President Trump. However much one may dislike Donald Trump’s policies or the dangerous ideology of part of his right-wing extremist base, that is an absurdly exaggerated claim. However, it serves a purpose. It introduces the next act of the “coup” against the presidency of the United States and its Constitution that the so-called “deep state” has been waging for the past four years – the era of Orwellian fascism.

First of all, two remarks should be made: 1/ the storming of the Congressional building clearly involved provocateurs and thugs (certainly infiltrated, as is standard practice, by FBI agents), amid an otherwise peaceful and orderly demonstration and 2/ there was an appalling lack of security on Capitol Hill, and law enforcement reinforcements arrived suspiciously late, although everyone had been predicting for days that there would likely be much violence, if not outright rioting.

Therefore, one should ask “cui bono”. Who profited from the chaos? First of all, the discussion on vote fraud and voting irregularities that was to take place in Congress did not happen and the Senate and House ended up certifying the election results without the expected challenges. Secondly, hysterical calls went out to force Donald Trump to leave the White House immediately or face impeachment charges. Thirdly, “Big Tech” private companies and social media such as Facebook and Twitter asserted their alleged right to increase surveillance of the population and impose censorship, including the unprecedented step of banning the duly elected President of the United States from communicating with the citizens (cf. below).

These events and their consequences were reviewed by the chairwoman of the Schiller Institute Helga Zepp-LaRouche in an article dated Jan. 9. After careful reflection, she came to the conclusion that one must view the effects of the assault on the Capitol as “a direct continuation of the 9/11 [terrorist] attacks, the real masterminds of which have never really been named.” She recalled that her late husband Lyndon La- Rouche had foreseen in January of 2001 that the incoming Bush Administration “would stage a ‘Reichstag fire’ due to its inability to deal with the coming financial meltdown, as a pretext to implement dictatorial measures.” And indeed, the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks led to the adoption of the infamous “Patriot Act”, which abrogated a number of civil rights and set into motion the mass surveillance state systems set up by the NSA.

In the same way, Zepp-LaRouche continues, the Jan. 6 riots serve as a pretext to “eliminate any dissent towards the policies of the neoliberal establishment. Significantly, Michelle Obama immediately afterwards urged Silicon Valley IT giants, which are an integral part of the military-industrial complex, to ban Trump and all supporters of the Jan. 6 rally from social media” (cf. more on this below).

That should set the “alarm bells ringing” for all those “who hold the constitutional state, freedom of expression and civil rights dear.” This is an attempt to set up a dictatorship over opinion and the “elimination of political opposition to the policies of the transatlantic financial elite”, which is desperate to save its hopelessly bankrupt financial system and thereby its base of power.

“We are in acute danger of a new fascism”, Zepp-LaRouche warns, and calls upon all concerned citizens throughout the world, to fight for the alternative, as laid out by Lyndon LaRouche.

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