Russian Economist Khazin on the ‘Famous American Thinker’ Lyndon LaRouche

Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter devoted his Dec. 14 Scott Ritter Show to the “Impact of Sanctions on the Russian Economy”. His guest was well-known Russian economist Mikhail Khazin, who made American economist Lyndon LaRouche a key feature of his remarks.

Mikhail Khazin headed the credit department of Russia’s Ministry of Economics, 1995-97, and was deputy chief of economics in Boris Yeltsin’s presidential administration, 1997-98. In July 2000, he warned Russian leaders that they could not chart an economic future for the country without taking into account the dangerous fantasies of the “New Economy” financial bubbles. In July 2007, he conducted an extensive TV interview with LaRouche on his “A+ in Economics” broadcast.

On the Scott Ritter Show, the Russian economist first made two shorter references to LaRouche, before going into a longer development of how he targeted the British Empire as the controller of America’s downfall. Khazin’s view is that Americans are currently being played by the British in the geopolitical scheme involving AUKUS (Australia/U.K./U.S.).

First, after explaining that financial speculation has squeezed out manufacturing in the West, he noted that “that was discussed and voiced by famous American thinker Lyndon LaRouche, who passed away at the age of 96,” and who stressed physical economics. But the American establishment “didn’t listen”.

Later, Khazin references his discussions with LaRouche in 2000, about the problem of the “financial economy” that had dominated the U.S. for decades at the expense of the real economy, a problem that he himself faced “a lot” when in the government in the 1990s. In this section, he explains that the current sanctions are not really hurting Russia, because after 2008, Russia was “not a financial economy, not a ‘liberal’ economy anymore. Today’s economy is turning [into] more of a real sector economy.”

Finally, Khazin concludes by warning his American audience of London’s duplicity in the AUKUS operation. “But we need to consider one more thing. Lyndon LaRouche, who is a prominent American thinker, kept on saying that the U.S. is mostly ruled by the British Empire.” While he said he did not have time to discuss this statement in any depth, he wanted to point out that in the actions taken against China and Russia today, “I do note throughout, the logic of LaRouche, that the people who created that are not in Washington at all, but in London.”

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