Diane Sare and Scott Ritter Lay Bare Senator Schumer’s Support for Attack on Free Speech

Independent candidate for the U.S. Senate Diane Sare demonstrated once again on Aug. 19 that she has what it takes to bring down one of the most corrupt officials in the U.S. Senate, the incumbent Senator from New York State Chuck Schumer. The occasion was a podcast dialogue with former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter. Both of them are among the over 70 people named as “information terrorists” by Ukraine’s “Center to Counter Disinformation” (CCD), whose director Shapovalov demanded at a July 14 meeting — in the presence of U.S. officials — that those persons should stand trial as “war criminals” (cf. SAS 31-33/22).

During their podcast with Cynthia Pooler (Issues that Matter), Sare and Ritter showed that the real criminals are those who are threatening to limit free speech, and are doing that with the full backing of leading U.S. officials. Ritter had criticized Senator Schumer in an open letter for his role in channeling funds to Ukraine which have been used to “attack the reputation of a challenger for his Senate seat, threatening her with political violence and more for the ‘crime’ of challenging Schumer on the issue of Ukraine”.

On the podcast, he elaborated on his accusation, accusing the New York Senator of “using a foreign proxy [the CCD]…to intimidate and silence American citizens for daring to speak the truth.” Beyond the “chilling effect” this has on the right to free speech, he cited the “safety and security” threat this poses to Diane Sare as a “public figure”, as there are pro-Ukraine groups in New York loyal to the neo-Nazi regime of President Zelensky, and Schumer knows this.

He added that he believes “she would be a fantastic representative of the people of New York and the United States Senate. And…we could only hope to have somebody of her wisdom and maturity there,” concluding this segment of the discussion by saying, “So, Diane, I’m 100% behind you.”

The two reviewed the insanity of U.S.-NATO policy in Ukraine, beginning with breaking promises made to Russia at the time of the fall of the Soviet Union in 1990 that there would be no eastward expansion of NATO; to the Feb.2014 U.S.-directed regime change coup; and including the danger of nuclear war today, stemming from western insistence that Ukraine continue fighting against Russia, with arms supplied by the U.S. and NATO. One example of the continuing U.S. provocations against Russia is the recent 100 to 0 vote in the U.S. Senate condemning Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism.

While the CCD has deleted the initial black list, the threat to free speech and security for those who refuse to be intimidated remains, as Ukraine continues to target opponents in both Ukraine and Russia.

The full dialogue can be found at this link.

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