Zepp-LaRouche Urges EU to Take Leibnizian Approach to China

Schiller Institute Chairwoman Helga-Zepp LaRouche was interviewed by China Radio International on the EU-China deal on Dec. 31 (http://chinaplus.cri.cn/podcast/detail/1/2689962). Asked whether this means stronger ties will develop between the two sides, Zepp-LaRouche said “I definitely hope so”.

Given the concessions China has made on investments, she said she hopes that Europe will reciprocate by increasing cooperation with the Belt and Road Initiative. “That would give the framework to address all the many challenges, such as the underdevelopment of the developing sector. To overcome the pandemic, it is not enough to throw cash at the crisis once it is there, but I think that China and the EU should work together to industrialize Africa, Southwest Asia, and other regions, because otherwise, the danger of new pandemics will always exist.”

Faced with so many challenges in the world, Zepp-LaRouche urged European leaders to become inspired by Leibniz, the great philosopher of the 17th Century, who had proposed that the most advanced cultures of the time, Europe and China “should join hands to develop the region in between.” Therefore, “I would hope European leaders would turn to Leibniz in their approach, because he was an absolute admirer of Chinese culture. And I think Europeans have so much to discover if they study Chinese history and culture and philosophy, poetry, painting, etc.”

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