The Conspiracy of “Climate Journalists” Exposed

Norbert Häring, a columnist at the German economic daily Handelsblatt and member of the “ECB Shadow Council” (a sort of ECB watch group of European economists), has exposed a nexus of guidelines instructing “climate journalists” how to push climate hoax propaganda. They are advised to avoid discussing topics with critics by using mass psychology methods and basically brainwashing the population.

Häring focusses on two entities: the German-based “Netzwerk Klimajournalismus Deutschland” (NKD, German Network of Climate Journalism) and the international, London-based World Weather Attribution (WWA). The NKD has issued a Charter signed by 302 German journalists, many of them from state-owned media, while the WWA has published a Guide for Journalists: Reporting Extreme Weather and Climate Change in 12 languages.

The Charter, among other things, equates colonialism with “growth”: The task of climate journalists, it says, is “to acknowledge as fact that colonialism and growth paradigm are causes of the climate crisis”; it is also “to predict an ‘irreversible catastrophe’ if those responsible do not act decisively in the next few years… to declare the climate crisis a threat to democracy and fundamental rights; “to take the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015 and the ‘climate ruling’ of the [German] Constitutional Court of 2021 as (unquestionable) guidelines and guard rails; and thereby to secure the preservation of the basis of life for ‘all living beings on this planet.’ ”

An example of how the Charter is implemented concretely is a recent Instagram posting by the WDR television network, which urges reporters to use certain terms to dramatize the issue, for example replacing “climate change” with “climate crisis”, or “climate skeptics” with “climate deniers”.

The NKD has also issued a “5before12 Climate Briefing” with guidelines on how to counter “climate denier” arguments. It is recommended to always use the litany “99% of scientists agree” on man-made climate change. Häring comments, “Why it is so important to keep telling people that science agrees is then explained in more detail with recourse to findings from (mass) psychology. In short, and only minimally sharpened, the argument is: Science has established that people will believe anything if they are told often enough that science has established it.”

“This is no longer journalism, but propaganda”, Häring comments.

As for the WWA, the introduction to the German edition of the manual for climate journalists was written by Ozden Terli, the weather moderator of ZDF, the second national TV network. Häring points out that “Among the sponsors of WWA is the notorious Imperial College London, which provided pseudo-scientific underpinnings for radical countermeasures in the corona pandemic through extreme model projections of an allegedly expected huge number of victims.”

One example from the manual: “Every heat wave in the world is now more severe and more likely because of man-made climate change.” “Every!”, Häring comments. “And everywhere in the world! Therefore, in reporting on every heat wave, one can blame man-made climate change even if there is no study on it yet.”

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