The Anglo-American Funding Behind German Energy Policy

Opposition to the Green party’s policies in Germany is growing in strength and boldness. The plan of Economy Minister Robert Habeck to force millions of private households who now have heating systems based on gas and oil to switch to heat pump systems has set off such a storm of protest that even the otherwise pro-Green mainstream media have been obliged to criticize it. It was taken up in a debate in the Bundestag on April 26, which featured a scathing attack by Beatrix von Storch, a vice chairwoman of the parliamentary group of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, not only on this particular aspect of the planned exodus out of fossil fuels, but also on the networks of international finance behind it.

Von Storch told the Bundestag that non-parliamentary institutions, such as Agora Energy Change (AE) and the Ecology Institute that write blueprints for the Economy Ministry, are among the non-German foundations on the leash of international billionaires. “AE is financed by the European Climate Foundation, which is financed by the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation; and that is financed by the British billionaire Christopher Hohn. He makes 2 million euros — per day — and is also the main financier of the climate extremists in Extinction Rebellion. So he spends his money on the climate agenda, but the really interesting question is: how does he make his money?”

Hohn’s fund concentrates on granting mortgages and on premium real estate, with a focus on big cities in North America and Europe, is the answer, von Storch added. This is quite relevant for Habeck’s heat pumps plan: “Homeowners have to take out mortgages on their houses to pay for the expensive heat pump and if they cannot do that, they have to sell their houses. And lo and behold, there is Mr. Hohn’s hedge fund, ready to buy their real estate. What a coincidence!”

But he is not the only one behind Agora. There is “also the Mercator Stiftung and the billionaires of [supermarket wholesaler] Metro, and through the European Climate Fund, there are also money flows from the Canadian billionaire John McBain”, Beatrix von Storch explained. “He, like Mr. Hohn, is a member of the billionaires club, The Giving Pledge of Bill Gates. As soon as you scratch the Green surface – billionaires, billionaires, billionaires….”

Another major controversy in Germany is the planned sale of Viessmann, a major German manufacturer of heat pumps, to the U.S. corporation Carrier Global. The AfD parliamentarian also raised this issue. “Real estate is one side of the coin. The other is the business with the heat pumps. The U.S. concern Carrrier Global buys the German heat pump manufacturer Viessmann for 12 billion dollars. Who owns Carrier Global? 86% of it is owned by institutional investors. That means the US financial industry. Blackrock, Vanguard, American Star, and the Capital Group. At the same time that Habeck’s ministry is forcing Germany to buy heat pumps, the global financial industry takes over the German heat pump production. Such incredible coincidences!”

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