Sign up for the Schiller Institute International Conference, June 26-27

“For the Common Good of All, Not Rules Benefitting the Few!” is the banner under which the Schiller Institute will hold a two-day online conference on June 26–27, as part of a continuous process to build a strong anti-Malthusian alliance worldwide, incorporating a network of people who understand the profound importance of a Renaissance of Classical culture. We quote from the invitation:

“The impending hyperinflationary blowout, or a collapse of the financial system, is becoming very clear and warnings are getting louder. The solutions -a win-win system of FDR-style Glass-Steagall, protection of commercial banks, not speculators, and Hamiltonian-type national banking system -will be discussed. In addition, the world needs a New Bretton Woods credit system, and a massive increase in productivity through international cooperation in fusion research and space exploration.

“The science of climate change is not settled, and much of what is presented is not based on science at all. Leading scien tists with the integrity and courage to buck dangerous ‘popular’ dogma will discuss so-called man-made climate change, and the most advanced science, including the galactic science of astronomical-scale oscillations. The suicidal trend in some European countries to stick with an anti-nuclear attitude will also be discussed.

“Space science and exploration, and recent breakthroughs in controlled thermonuclear fusion, are the science drivers for a growing and prosperous human race. Man is surely a galactic species, and the realization of that idea has profound implications for everything from education, health care, to the potential for new Beethovens and Mozarts. That issue of scientific and artistic creativity will be central to the conference.

“The international expansion the Committee for the Coincidence of Opposites, by establishing a dialogue between the initiating committee in the United States and similar people in other countries, will be a major topic.”

Preliminary program

Saturday, June 26 from 15:00 to 22:00 CET

Panel 1 Whom the Gods Would Destroy: War With Russia and China Is Worse Than MAD!
Panel 2 The Real Science Behind Climate Change: Why the World Needs Seven Terawatts of Energy

Sunday, June 27 from 15:00 to 22:00 CET

Panel 3 Weimar Germany 1923 Comes Again: Global Glass-Steagall To End Hyperinflation
Panel 4 The Coincidence of Opposites: The Only Truly Human Thought Process

The conference proceedings will be in English, with simultaneous translation available on Zoom in French, German and Spanish. Advance registration (free of charge) is required for access to the translations on Zoom. To register, please go to: An updated program will also be available on that website.

The proceedings of the May 8 Schiller Institute conference (“The Moral Collapse of the Trans-Atlantic World Cries Out for a New Paradigm” — cf. SAS 19/21) can be viewed at, on the ticker banner.

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