Shut Down the Frenetic Drive to Dismember Russia

The issue of EIR’s Executive Intelligence Review dated May 5, 2023 features a lengthy expose by Gretchen Small and Carl Osgood of the obsession of Western geopolitical circles with carving Russia up into small, easily manipulable entities that pose no challenge to the modern-day extended “British empire”. A particularly dangerous example of that obsession was the conference hosted by the neocon Hudson Institute that took place in Washington April 26-28 under the title: “VI Free Nations of Post-Russia Forum”. We quote from the introduction to the EIR dossier, which is posted on (click on the banner on the very top of the page).

“As the world wavers between ‘World War III with nuclear fires,’ as Belarus President Alexander Lukashenka has so accurately warned, and the start of a serious peace process as openly urged by many within the Global South, and more quietly, but with growing insistence, by forces within the West, hardcore neoconservative Anglo-American ideologues have launched a drive for the disintegration of the Russian Federation to be officially adopted as the only acceptable outcome of the NATO-provoked and NATO-led Ukraine war on Russia. ‘Strategic defeat’, the ‘ruin’ of Russia is not enough; it is their stated intention that Russia be erased from the world map, allowing perhaps, grudgingly, a small ‘Muscovy’ to exist.

“The breakup of Russia has been British imperial policy for centuries, whose roots and multiple facets EIR has tracked and exposed. The current operation is shaped explicitly upon the precedent of World War I-era British geopolitics, using Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic states, especially, as an external battering ram against Russia (Czarist, Soviet, or today’s Russian Federation equally), while simultaneously fomenting and arming ethnic and regional revolts inside the country. The operation is founded upon the sweeping, false premise that the Russian Federation, like the Soviet Union before it, was never and cannot be anything but an expansionist empire, oppressing its own population and threatening its neighbors….”

“To pursue this British goal under today’s conditions — when trust and, for all practical purposes, formal relations between the world’s largest nuclear superpowers, the United States and Russia, have been destroyed — is the most dangerous policy conceivable…. The current, frenetic drive to break up Russia must be shut down now!”

The EIR expose cites a number of events that have been organized over the past year to promote this Anglo-American agenda. The most notorious entites involved are the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (not to be confused with the OSCE), the Hudson Institute and the Jamestown Foundation.

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