Mark the Date of April 9: the Schiller Institute Organizes the Alternative

The fear of the Western “elites”, as described above, is that their propaganda is no longer convincing, and that a movement can coalesce in the West around a competent strategy which connects defeating the war plans with rejecting their neoliberal economic policies, and replacing their collapsing unipolar order with a new security and financial architecture.

That is precisely the aim of the Schiller Institute, which will hold an online conference with experts and concerned representatives from around the world to discuss how to shape such a “new paradigm” in international relations. We urge our readers to follow the proceedings and to sign the petition circulated by the Institute:

A Conference to Establish a New Security

and Development Architecture for All Nations

April 9, 2022, starting 3 pm CET

For details on the conference and the program , please consult the Schiller Institute websites (in English here). Translation will be available in French, German and Spanish. Registration is required for access to the translations.

The petition can be signed here.

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