“Lift Sanctions Against Russia Immediately!”

In a statement issued on July 19 with the title above, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, chairwoman of the Schiller Institute, notes that “only a fool” could overlook the fact that “the sanctions against Russia only harm Russia marginally, but they threaten to permanently destroy entire key areas of industry and agriculture in Germany and all of Europe!”, and to condemn hundreds of millions in the developing sector to starvation. And for what? To crush Russia “for geopolitical reasons”,after which the economic rise of China is supposed to be contained. And who benefits from such an insane policy?, Zepp-LaRouche asks:

“• First: NATO and the military industry, which always need new wars to keep the well-oiled profit machine running.

• Second, the speculators of the City of London, Wall Street and other financial centers, whose speculation drives food and energy prices sky-high and who don’t care if millions die to pay for their mega-profits.

• Third: the green Malthusians, who are of the opinion that fewer people means a smaller carbon footprint, and that would be better for “the climate” anyway. Or people like Davos boss Klaus Schwab, who thinks the main problem for the climate is the impulse of people to want to overcome poverty!

• And fourth, a political establishment composed of a mixture of these first three elements, which has proven utterly incapable of getting anything right, whether it is fighting the pandemic, supporting the rail network, or ensuring the supply of skilled workers that industry requires. Instead of reflecting on the fact that it is their ideology-driven politics that is the reason we are facing total economic collapse today, they are already constructing a new narrative that either Putin is to blame for everything, or that right-wing or populist circles are now taking advantage of the crisis, blahblahblah.”

To reverse this disaster, Helga Zepp-LaRouche continues, the “sanctions against Russia, but also all the other countries against which they have been imposed for years for geopolitical reasons — Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen — must be ended immediately! Sanctions, under the conditions of world hunger, pandemic, and hyperinflation, mean genocide for the developing countries, and suicide for our industry and agriculture!

“Sanctions are not the just retribution by the morally superior “democracies” for the crimes of “autocracies,” they are a brutal form of warfare against the respective populations of the sanctioned states with the aim of making their living conditions so intolerable that they rise up against their respective leaderships, and overthrow them. But the victims are always the people, whether they be in Russia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Ukraine, or Germany!

“Therefore, it is necessary to:

• Immediately end all sanctions not supported by the UN Security Council!

• Achieve comprehensive cooperation between all nations of this world for a new, just world economic order!

• Have cooperation, not confrontation!

• Double food production worldwide!”

The full statement can be read here.

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