EU and NATO Go All-Out for War Economy, No Matter What

While the long-awaited Ukrainian counter-offensive against Russian forces has still not happened, President Zelenskyy told the Wall Street Journal (June 3), that Kyiv is ready now, although it will mean tremendous losses for Ukraine. “I don’t know how long it will take”, the Ukrainian President said, and “it can go a variety of ways, completely different”. Without the Patriot systems and weapons they want, “a large number of soldiers will die”, he admitted.

One might think that that would be grounds enough to seek a different way out. But not for NATO and its puppet regime in Kyiv. Given the impossibility to defeat Russia, the intention is to protract the war endlessly, despite the danger of a nuclear conflagration, and to build up the war economy in the West at the same time, in the hopes of salvaging the collapsed financial and banking system.

Such is the strategy pushed by Great Britain, whose Defense Secretary Ben Wallace assured the Washington Post (June 2) that provided Ukraine receives enough weapons, everything is possible, even the retaking of Crimea. But for that, NATO member states must spend more and produce more, he insisted. Recall that the UK has led the pack in delivering advanced military equipment, “advisers” and intelligence to Kyiv, earning consistent thanks from spokesmen for the regime. As for the U.S. position, Secretary of State Blinken made that clear during his visit to Helsinki (cf. following item).

The European Union has dutifully lined up, as well. The European Parliament just approved, on June 1, the Act in Support of Ammunition Production (ASAP), which is the Commission’s proposal to allocate €500 million to funding and upgrading the production of ammunition in the Union. Underscoring the cynicism of the move, the EU will allow funds originally granted to recover from COVID, to be invested in the arms industry!

Even French President Emmanuel Macron has radically shifted positions, at least rhetorically, from supporting dialogue with President Putin, to proposing NATO security guarantees for Ukraine and preparing public opinion for a protracted conflict..

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