EIR Press Conference: “A Nuclear War Cannot Be Won and Must Never Be Fought”

An extraordinary press availability organized by EIR on Nov. 5, brought together military, security and diplomatic experts from both sides of the Atlantic, together with “gutsy young” citizen activists.

The tense but animated discussion featured highly instructive exchanges between French and American retired military officers and intelligence experts on the global security architecture needed.

The event, which was extended well beyond its planned two hours, established two critical ideas for participants and the many viewers:

* The danger of nuclear war, which stems not from Russia and China but from the policies and actions of the West’s drive to maintain hegemony, is extreme, and must be remedied. That no “tactical” or “limited” nuclear war is possible; our only options are peace or nuclear “Armageddon,” which would destroy life on this planet;

* There are qualified and moral people, young and old, prepared to lead others, as the temperament of citizens on both sides of the Atlantic begins to shift from passivity to militant actions, to overturn the current paradigm of war and financial looting.

The discussion remoralized and energized the speakers, as well as the journalists and activists who asked questions and offered their thoughts after them. After opening remarks by Diane Sare, an independent LaRouche candidate for Senate for New York State, the annihilating effects of a thermonuclear war were made graphically clear in a powerpoint presentation by Steven Starr, retired director of the University of Missouri’s Clinical Laboratory Science Program and an expert on nuclear war. That picture was backed up by former chief UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter. The French speakers were Colonel Alain Corvez (ret.), a former international relations advisor to the French Foreign Ministry, and Gen. Dominique Delawarde (ret.), the former liaison officer to the U.S. War College in Kansas, as well as former French presidential candidate Jacques Cheminade. On the American side, the panelists also included Col. Richard Black (ret.), a former State Senator of Virginia, Dr. Clifford Kiracofe, President of the Washington Institute for Peace and Development, and Ray McGovern, former senior analyst for the CIA.

The proceedings of the press availability are posted in full here. The transcripts will be published in the upcoming issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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