EIR Presents the Alternative to Schachtian Economics in Zurich

On May 7, SAS co-editor Claudio Celani was invited to give a presentation for the “Bürger für Bürger” (Citizens for the Citizens) organization in the vicinity of Zürich, Switzerland, on the connections between the economy, climate policies and war.

At the well-attended event, Celani was introduced by BfB chairman Dr. Markus Erb, who spoke of the war in Ukraine and its roots in the NATO provocations against Russia. This allowed Celani to focus more on two other aspects: on the one hand, the collapse of the financial system as forecast by Lyndon LaRouche, which the financial oligarchy hopes to forestall through the bank bailout policy, the “green transition”, Schachtian economics and war, and on the other hand, LaRouche’s ideas and programs for developing the physical economy.

Starting with an illustration of Prometheus and the Promethean idea of man vs. the oligarchical idea, Celani concluded his presentation with recalling what he called a “great moment for Switzerland”, that is, when the country took the world leadership in favor of a Glass-Steagall reform in 2009. That year, Swatch founder Nicholas Hayek organized the leaders of the two largest parties, the SVP and the SP, to back his proposal to introduce bank separation. The political battle was eventually lost when, two years later, the Ständerat (Upper House), rejected the proposal. But the moment is once again ripe to relaunch it.

A lively discussion followed, focused on the financial crisis and perspectives for a new monetary and credit system oriented to development. A video of the presentation will be posted on youtube and broadcast by gloriatv.

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