E-Mobility: the Unsustainable Illusions of Ursula von der Leyen

A letter to the EU Commission signed by 170 international scientists, engineers and motor experts breaks through the apparent consensus in Germany on the “green transition” scheme pushed by EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, at least concerning a key aspect of it: electro-mobility. For these experts, who belong to the newly founded IASTEC association (https://iastec.org/), the Commission’s estimation of the CO2 emissions produced by E-cars is 100% wrong. In
the case of Germany, they demonstrate that the E-cars will have to be charged by “brown” (and not “green”) electricity, i.e. electricity produced by coal plants.

The letter is based on a study conducted by Professors Thomas Koch and Thomas Böhlke of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, which was peer-reviewed and published by the Journal of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics. It exposes a serious error in the calculations of the European Commission. (http://s875128239.online.de/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/ZAMM_2021_Accepted_Version-averaging-bias.pdf).

The study demonstrates that since solar panels and windmills will not be able to provide for the entire supply of electricity needed by 2030, coal and gas power will still be needed to fill the gap. All in all, the CO2 emissions will be double the amount calculated by the Commission, which has failed to take into account an elementary factor – namely the cumulative sum of the annual emissions!

Therefore, to ensure “CO2-free mobility”, the letter calls on the Commission to remain open to all technologies, and not just E-cars, which include modern diesel and gasoline engines.

The study and the letter have polarized the public debate in Germany. Whereas much of the media and of established political circles have reacted negatively to the IASTEC paper, the magazine Focus has endorsed it, while regretting the blackout of Prof. Koch and his associates in other media.

The shortcoming of the IASTEC initiative is that it does not challenge the root of the problem, which is that the entire “climate emergency” narrative –which supposedly requires moving to CO2-free economy – is itself a fraud. Nonetheless, it is a useful tool to show the unsustainability of such policies.

Another blow to the utopian goal of CO2-neutrality was delivered by Prof. Ernesto Pedrocchi of the Milan Polytechnic, speaking at the third “Climate Dialogue” webinar sponsored by the Engineers Association of Padua on June 23. (Go to https://collegioingegneripadova.it/attivita-collegio/incontriconferenze-convegni/16-dialoghi-sul-clima.html).

What would it take to convert the total annual energy production, amounting to 15 GTOE, to “sustainable” sources? According to the calculations he presented, the world would need to build by 2050 a) three 1000MW nuclear plants every second day starting now, or b) 6000 1MW wind turbines per day starting now.

In another study on extreme weather events, Prof. Pedrocchi found that while the number of events themselves have not increased, media reports about them have soared!

Scientists involved in the “Dialogue” webinars, which take place every second week through October, have proven the inconsistency of the theory of man-made climate change and the folly of adopting policies based on no scientific evidence, that will demand a brutal collapse of living standards.

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