Conference Report: The LaRouche Method Versus Monetarism and Cybernetics

Will the current world crisis lead to the proliferation of wars, a hyperinflationary explosion of the financial system, and a cultural collapse into a new Dark Age? Or will enough forces come together internationally, in time, to launch a new paradigm based on achieving the common aims of mankind? The answer lies not only in what people think, but how they think. This was the theme of the online conference sponsored by the LaRouche Legacy Foundation on August 14, which was devoted to understanding the method of thinking developed by Lyndon LaRouche, building on great thinkers of the past, and how it applies to human economy.

The conference was held on the 50th anniversary of the abandonment by then-President Nixon of the Bretton Woods System, and thus the decoupling of the dollar from its peg to gold, and the introduction of floating exchange rates, which ushered in an era of decline in the trans-Atlantic world. Under the banner “So, Are You Finally Willing To Learn Economics?”, it brought together political leaders, economists, musicians and others from around the world, who engaged in a dialogue on LaRouche’s fundamental discoveries and the need to propagate his works.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s keynote speech provided insight into her late husband Lyndon LaRouche’s capacity to inspire people from all different layers of society, from heads of state to Peruvian fishermen and Italian shoemakers. He insisted that one cannot separate politics, science, and culture into separate categories, that all aspects of life fall under the centrality of creativity as the difference between man and beast, and fostering that creativity in all is the only true object of the science of physical economy.

Zepp-LaRouche traced her husband’s debt to Plato, Leibniz, Kepler and other giants of history, in making his own discoveries. She reviewed in particular the new instruments for measuring progress which he had created – known as “relative potential population density,” and “energy flux-density” –and the interconnection between these crucial concepts. She went through his initial decision to combat the statistical method of systems analysis promoted by Norbert Wiener and John von Neumann, which treat the mind as a computer and consider artificial intelligence as equivalent to creativity. This false concept of the nature of man has grown today into the insanity of the “models” which drive the climate hoax, financial speculation, and the oligarchical society. She concluded by calling for the “replacement of the quackery of information theory with the ideas of LaRouche in all universities.”

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