Citizens of the World, Unite! The Fight for a New Paradigm

A conference of current and former elected officials on the above theme will take place in the Chamber of Deputies of Mexico City on Oct. 27 and simultaneously via Zoom with international speakers, under the aegis of the international Schiller Institute. The invitation notes that the political and social leaders involved “urge Russia, Ukraine, the United States and NATO to reach an agreement which, first of all, rejects the growing loose talk about the possible use of nuclear weapons and reaffirms the fundamental commitment of the Reagan-Gorbachev Formula of 1985, that ‘a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought’. To be lasting, such an agreement must also establish a new international security architecture that recognizes and respects the legitimate security interests of all the planet’s nations.”

The initiators of the event further “call on people of good will around the world – notwithstanding our diverse and natural differences – to participate in this process of deliberation and search for peaceful solutions, including a thorough examination of the alternative economic policies to replace speculation, which has generated so much poverty and suffering, with a system of production and progress to meet the needs of a growing world population.”

The conference will take place on Oct. 27 from 16:00 to 19:00 and can be followed live here. Registration at the same address.

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