BüSo Economic Seminar Exposes the Insanity of the Green Deal

The alternative to the Green Reset policy pushed by the World Economic Forum (Davos) was discussed on May 19 at an on line seminar of the Civil Rights Movement Solidarity (BüSo). This webinar was the first in a series of important policy forums, leading up to the German national elections to be held in September, aimed at defining a new, just world economic order. The four speakers – economic consultant Gerd Marks, BüSo federal chairwoman Helga Zepp-LaRouche, and two state chairs, Alexander Hartmann in Hesse, and Michael Gründler in Saxony – addressed various aspects of energy and economic policy to this end.

The webinar opened with a presentation by Gerd Marks, an industry consultant with decades of experience, who described how the Merkel government’s march out of nuclear and coal energy into the nowhere of “renewables” threatens Germany’s future energy supply.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche focused her presentation on the evil Malthusian ideology underlying the trans-Atlantic policy today, which represents an existential threat for the entire world. The “Great Reset” and the “Green Deal”, she said, are intended to ensure not only that the underdeveloped sector be denied development under the pretext of climate change mitigation, but also that the so-called developed countries agree to a suicidal policy of deindustrialization and the elimination of modern farming, with depopulation being the ultimate goal.

The alternative to this policy, it was shown, includes reconstruction projects for the whole world, such as the creation of a global modern health care system with all the necessary infrastructure. In his presentation, “A credit system for reconstruction”, Alexander Hartmann, editor-in-chief of Neue Solidarität, addressed the question of how such a system can be financed.

Michael Gründler’s topic was “The progress of nuclear energy worldwide”. After presenting the key concept of energy density developed by Lyndon LaRouche, he explained why real economic development requires high energy densities such as nuclear power.

The videos of the speeches are available (in German) on the BüSo Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list =PLRi0mq2jMwGVWDVuiPEdJ-SMbBef7cdBW

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