Anglo-American Elite Admits: Green Transition Is Geopolitical Race for Resources

Those who may doubt our newsletter’s characterization of the global “green transition” as a cover for geopolitical control over natural resources, should take a look at a recent paper by former UK Foreign Secretary William Hague, entitled The Great Convergence. Lord Hague, who is now a senior advisor to Citigroup, chairs the Royal United Services Institute, a key think-tank shaping domestic and international policies for the new British Empire. He argues that “preventing climate change” (sic) and British geostrategies should converge into a foreign policy that is “centred around the twin threats of climate change and China” (see The-Great-Convergence/).

In the past, he writes, “the U.K. has been willing to use all of our firepower, both military and diplomatic, to secure and extract fossil fuels. But in the future, the U.K. will need to use all of its diplomatic capacity to ensure that these resources are not used and that natural environments are protected.” That is because, contrary to popular narratives, a world based on renewables does not mean less competition for natural resources, but the contrary.

“Already competition over the supply of critical minerals required for green technology has become part of the wider rivalry between China and the West. For example, China has established a powerful hold over the supply of cobalt, a crucial material for producing the batteries that will power the electric cars of the future, while the nations of the West are playing catch up and seeking to wean themselves off Chinese supply chains.” Thus, “this race to control the critical minerals on which the transition to renewable energy depends will cre ate new flashpoints.”

Hague’s paper is not just a blueprint for UK policy, but for the US as well. Indeed, the same policy was laid out by Joe Biden’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan (trained in Oxford), in a May 2 interview with Martha Raddatz on “This Week” (ABC News).

“The United States is prepared to own and win the clean energy race for the future, which itself is going to create millions of jobs and enhance our national security,” Sullivan said. “But we are also going to hold other countries accountable, including, as President Biden has said many times, through making sure that there can’t be a race to the bottom. China will not be able to get away with polluting industries in their country and then exporting those goods to undercut American workers. We will not permit that to happen. So we have clear eyes about the way ahead but we fundamentally believe that it is in the best interest of the United States for us to be the clean energy superpower of the world, not China or anyone else”.

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