The BRICS, De-dollarization and Reserve Currencies

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, quoted by RT on Aug. 4, brought some clarity to the widely discussed issue of a “BRICS” currency. Introduction of a single BRICS currency is impossible right now but this does not mean that the issue should not be discussed, Peskov said. “Certainly, expert discussions are underway about the possibility, expediency and feasibility of plans to […]

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High Time to Reverse the De-Industrialization of Germany!

The IMF’s most recent placing of Germany at the tail end of leading industrial nations, with a minus 0.3% GDP growth in 2023, is just one spectacular indicator of the deepening depression in the country. The assessment of the Munich-based research institute Ifo, a member of the government’s chief economic advisory council, is that “the situation of the German economy […]

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Clintel Group Argues To Stop Disinformation, There Is No Climate Emergency

Responding to the massive terror propaganda blaming human activity for the “unprecedented” extreme weather with storms in northern Italy and high temperatures in southern Italy (and southern Europe), the Italian Clintel group issued a statement July 30 refuting the campaign and characterizing climate policies as destructive. The statement is signed by Uberto Crescenti, Professor Emeritus of Applied Geology, University of […]

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